Sunday, January 31, 2016


Did you know that I be on the Instagrams @darinshock? I've had an account for a while but one of my resolutions is to dedicate more effort to it. I'll be posting behind the scenes, works in progress, and general content entirely exclusive to Instagram. If you're into all that, give me a follow....

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Squirrel Master

I'm always fascinated with side characters in film that make a tremendous impact regardless of screen time. A few years ago I started a series paying tribute to these characters with "The Greatest Side Characters in Cinematic History". First it was Jesus Quintana, followed by Carl Spackler, and now I present to you....Squirrel Master!

I've always had a soft spot in my heart for the cult classic Half Baked. Dave Chappelle is an all time hero of mine and this film is a prime example of his (and co-writer Neal Brennan's) genius. It's fantastically ridiculous that Tommy Chong plays the incarcerated heroic character that declares fragile Kenny to be his bitch and protect him from the feared Nasty Nate. It's even more utterly, fantastically ridiculous that this prison badass is not only apparently a martial artist, he's additionally a whisperer of squirrels. With his faithful companion Fuzzy Nuts, Squirrel Master is a true defender of all that's right as well as "Kenny's sweet, virgin ass"!

A tribute to this brilliant character, "Squirrel Master" is a 12x24", 4 color screen print that's a limited edition of 70. This print, plus 10 foils on lava, sparkle, and rainbow are now available here.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

The 2015 Holiday Card

Season Greetings from the Shocks! The card may be absurd but the message is pure...I truly hope everyone out there has wonderful time this holiday season! There's obviously a lot of bullshit and conflict in the world right now and this is the time of year to focus on the positives and blessings. May you have an abundance of both (positives and blessings...not bullshit and conflict)!

Sunday, November 29, 2015

The World's Most Dangerous Group

The World's Most Dangerous Group
limited edition of 100
I personally credit 4 bands/groups for altering the musical direction of my life. When I was in the 5th grade, my 5-year-older sister irresponsibly introduced me to Eazy-E (and N.W.A.'s) album Eazy-Duz-It. For many reasons this album and movement became an immediate obsession that only grew as I got older. The lyrics, the lifestyle, the music, the anti-establishment nature, and the "cool" of it all was absolutely mesmerizing. I became infatuated with not only EVERYTHING N.W.A. related, I spent the next several years devoting my musical interest solely to hip hop (with an emphasis on West Coast gangsta rap).  I personally consider gangsta rap to be my generation's "punk". Although N.W.A (and the solo careers) has always been a constant, over time I eventually developed interest in other music and all but lost interest in modern hip hop. I'm now that uncool middle aged white guy that doesn't particularly listen to new stuff but will never stop listening to the hip hop of the mid 80's to late 90's. I still say that N.W.A is a top 5 favorite group and I'll put their limited body of work up against anyone. They simply changed the world (and mine).

When I first heard about the N.W.A. bipoic I was cautiously optimistic. I just assumed it would be a low budget production and would love it no matter how bad it was. Then the first trailer came out and I couldn't believe how great it looked! The anticipation was The Force Awakens-esque and honestly a little greater! To avoid this becoming an in depth movie review, I'll just say that I saw it 3 times in the theatre. I'm fairly certain I haven't seen anything that often on the big screen since Batman in '89 and that's no easy feat for a grown man with a family and a job! The film is spectacular and I am officially re-obsessed.

Anyway, this music (and film) has meant so much to me that I had to do a poster in between commissioned gigs. The World's Most Dangerous Group is a 24x12", 3 color screen print, a limited edition of 100, and printed by the fine folks at VG Kids. There are also 20 foil variants on holographic sparkle and rainbow foil...all will be available here on Cyber Monday at 2pm EST.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The Greatest Gift foils and wood veneer variants

The Greatest Gift
4 color screen print (sparkle pictured)

I just released some very limited edition variants of The Greatest Gift. When I originally debuted this print last year, my printer at the time had yet to print on foils. I thought it warranted such an edition, so I altered it a bit and tailored it specifically to the variants. There are 20 on lava foil, 20 on rainbow foil, 20 on sparkle foil, and 5 on wood veneer. All available here.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Trey Anastasio Band

Well I can now say I've officially designed a poster for my favorite musician of all time! This 24x18", 4 color screen print was designed for the TAB show that took place in Portland, OR on Nov. 9th. It's a limited edition of 160 prints and my very limited number of prints are available here. Here's a little about the design...

This is the view from inside the mouth of a camper enjoying the beautiful nature that Portland has to offer. He's eating his morning cereal and noticing various deer holding balloons and observing him. It's basically about the balance of man and nature and how we're all in tune with the universe. There's even a Marley and Languedoc appearance for those that know what the hell that means!

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Avett Brothers Charlottesville Posters Available!

Here's my Avett Brothers poster that sold out at their recent show in Charlottesville, VA. It's 5 color, 24x18" screen print on Mohawk Cream paper.

Basically this is the depiction of the band rummaging through albums in a late 1970's record store. I was thinking about how the band and their style always seemed timeless to me. It's classic, it's modern, it's representative of an array of influences and is ultimately unique. Them flipping through albums in front of an audience (the animals) seemed appropriate and symbolic of their uniquely organic live experience.

I have exactly 50 prints available for $40 and 3 different foils (rainbow, sparkle & lava...15 of each) for $90. All available here.

Monday, August 3, 2015

Col. Bruce Hampton & the Aquarium Rescue Unit

I had the tremendous pleasure of kicking off the reunion tour poster series for Col. Bruce & the Aquarium Rescue Unit. This print was for their recent 4 night run in Colorado. It's 18x24", 6 colors and now available (as well as rainbow and sparkle foil variant) here.

Monday, July 27, 2015

All The Dude Ever Wanted Was His Rug Back

As I've said before, there are very few films that I've seen as often as The Big Lebowski. It's comedic charm and unique style render it virtually impossible to grow tired of watching. In my opinion, this is the crowning achievement of the brilliant careers of the Coen brothers and nearly everyone else involved. The writing, the acting, the soundtrack...all positively brilliant and well deserving of it's cult status. It's definitely in my top 5 of favorite films of all time.

I've paid tribute before in more specific ways such as my Zero! sculpture and The Jesus print but I wanted to do something all encompassing. So here is All The Dude Ever Wanted Was His Rug Back. It's an 18x24", 4 color (5 on foils) screen print with metallic purple on manila paper. There are a few color variants on spearmint, sno cone, and bubble gum paper as well as 2 different foils on rainbow and sparkle paper. All available here.