Tuesday, August 23, 2011

It's in the hole!!!

We would like to introduce the second print in our Greatest Side Characters in Cinematic History poster series. "Carl" was an easy decision for several reasons. The first being that he might be the most quotable character of all time. Also Bill Murray's ingenious improvisation of this character is a major component as to why this film transcends generations and holds up as arguably the greatest comedy of all time. Hardly any of his lines were scripted which seems absurd considering how well he pulled it off as well as how impactful Murray's small role was. Honestly most of the characters in this film could make this list as they are all basically side characters played by several legendary comedians in their prime.

"Carl" is an 18x24", 3 color screen print and is a limited edition of 50. Only $25, be sure to grab one HERE before they're gone.

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