Wednesday, November 9, 2011

John Landis/Sexual Chocolate

It is with great honor that I mention that we just sold some of our Sexual Chocolate posters to the one and only writer/director/producer John Landis. For those that don't know, Mr. Landis not only directed Coming to America, but he's also responsible for classic films such as Animal HouseBlues BrothersKentucky Fried Movie, etc. I should also add that he directed the "Thriller" video which scared the shit out of me as a kid...still does kind of.

As such a big fan of his work, I decided to create a small drawing to include in his order. This is that drawing. Don't expect the same treatment Michael Bay!! 


  1. John offered one to Nile Rodgers:

  2. Thanks for the heads up on Nile's mentioning of the poster! Very cool.

  3. Just sent you an e-mail, Questlove of The Roots wants one too! I tweeted him your link. Nile Rogers is apparently contacting Landis to search for YOU on his behalf as well.