Sunday, March 31, 2013

Eddie: 1980-1984

18 x 24"
limited edition of 50
Gallery 1988's Is This Thing On? group exhibit is arguably my favorite gallery event of the year. Being so heavily influenced by comedy I can't think of a better theme. This year, the focus was to be entirely on Saturday Night Live and it's historic run and influence on modern culture.

I've said for years that Eddie Murphy and Will Ferrell are the two greatest cast members of all time. Two entirely different styles and generations, it's impossible to compare the two but to me, they definitely stand out above the rest. Being that I've already done a few things related to Ferrell (see Step Brothers poster and Anchorman sculpture), I thought I'd take this opportunity to pay homage to the one and only Eddie Murphy.

Eddie's 5 year stint on SNL provided some of the greatest sketches in sketch comedy history. Buckwheat's record promo, Velvet Jones' book, going undercover as a white guy...three decades later this stuff still stands up! I find myself so fascinated with his body of work on the show that I had no choice but to do a sort of retrospective of several classic skits. Simply put, his genius is unparalleled. Though I surely didn't understand it all, I loved watching him on SNL as a little kid and I certainly appreciate it even more now. It's safe to say while working on this design I giggled the entire time while playing "Wookin Pa Nub" on repeat in my head.

This print is currently available at Gallery1988 and very soon here.

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