Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Not Penny's Boat

Not Penny's Boat
20 x 20"
mixed media
This is my contribution to the official Bad Robot art show at Gallery 1988. The production company, started by JJ Abrams, is responsible for several shows and films from Lost to Fringe to Super 8 and the latest Star Trek movies. I chose to be a part of this show simply because I am a huge, huge fan of Lost.

To be honest, it's not typical of me to get into any major network show, much less a drama. I find most to be cliche, predictable, geared towards the middle and therefore not worth investing my time. A few years back I found myself flipping through the many options of instant Netflix and (not being sold on anything) I decided to give Lost a try. Knew very little about it...certainly didn't expect much. 42 minutes later I found myself itching, feeling cold, and needing more! What ensued was an unhealthy adventure into what can only be described as binge television. Despite the unavoidable cheese and limitations of a major network show, the writing and execution of Lost is simply astonishing. I had to know what the hell was going on in this world but unfortunately also required sleep. Several weeks and 6 seasons of over 120 hours later, I had my answers...well mostly. Despite some rush jobs to explain things during the final season, I absolutely love love love the final episode. The writers took a lot of heat as others hated it. I refer to it as one of my favorite endings ever. It was the definition of bittersweet and a perfect ending to a great show in my opinion.

This is a depiction of the scene (at the end of season 3) where Charlie is SPOILER...about to die and still has the insight and will to convey an important message to try to save his fellow passengers. It, like several other moments in this show, was an impactful scene that I thought about for a while. It was a lot of fun doing a piece that was inspired by something so inspiring! Now if I could just get that damn Drive Shaft song out of my head!

Friday, April 12, 2013


In the spirit of the new film 42 opening in theaters today I thought I'd post this older design. A few years ago I did a small set of baseball legends posters and #42 was the second in the series. Jackie Robinson was an extraordinary example of humanity, perseverance, and triumph that went well beyond the diamond. Baseball is, without question, one of my favorite things in this life and I'm proud to say it had such an influence on the advancement of our society.

There are a few of these remaining here.