Sunday, June 9, 2013

Zero!: Walter Sobchak Sculpture

mixed media
There are very few films that I've seen as often as The Big Lebowski. It's comedic charm and unique style render it virtually impossible to grow tired of watching. In my opinion, this is the crowning achievement of the brilliant careers of the Coen brothers and nearly everyone else involved. The writing, the acting, the soundtrack...all positively brilliant and well deserving of it's cult status.

There are countless outstanding characters that could inspire a work of art but, in this case, I chose Walter Sobchak. John Goodman's masterful portrayal of Walter will easily go down as one of my all time favorite performances. Walter is a committed friend (and teammate) despite his violent temper and often impractical behavior. He's lovable. He's unbearably difficult. He's able to score you a toe at any time...with nail polish! Regardless of Walter's shortcomings, he's certainly a guy you want in your corner.

So when Walter confronts poor fragile Smokey (for questionably being over the line) it produces conflicting emotions of laughter AND feeling sorry for the guy. That's basically Walter Sobchak.

Zero! is a mixed media sculpture consisting of foam, wood and acrylics. It is available here.

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