Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Beatles: Rubber Soul 3D Album Cover

Rubber Soul
mixed media
The Beatles. Rubber Soul. What can I say? I guess I'll start with stating that my love for the Beatles is one of the many great things I inherited from my father. He gave me my artistic interest, my twisted sensibilities, and the ability to grow a beard as bad as Michael Jackson. I know everyone's dad loves The Beatles but mine has always (and to this day) COVERED his house in Beatles memorabilia. It's simply a way of life in the Shock household.  I'm certain he's currently wearing Beatles underwear...from 1963...not mint condition!

Over time I've come to appreciate some of the early stuff but as far as I'm concerned, they didn't become The Beatles until Rubber Soul. Among other things, John, Paul, George, and what's his name are shining examples of how to artistically develop. They started with the "please buy this record, girl" approach and established success, credentials, and therefore money and power. They didn't take their success and regurgitate the blue print which Im sure they were pressured to do. Instead they did it THEIR WAY. For some reason this is still extremely rare. They sold out at first and then musically progressed. They're the anti-Metallica if you will. Ok Im ranting...the point is their work drastically changed direction with this album in 1965. The sophistication in song writing as well as musical advancements and harmonic brilliance started a run of albums that shall never be paralleled in musical genius.

I was asked to contribute to Bottleneck Gallery's Where's My Mind ? exhibit: a study in all things mind blowing. The beauty of a Bottleneck show is the room for interpretation. Some interpreted that as anything psychedelic or M. Night Shyamalan-y. Though this album is not that, it was a bold move and the result was it changed music forever. Considering the music being produced at the time, Rubber Soul was (and still is) mind blowing!

This is a 19x19" mixed media sculpture that will officially become available on Thursday, July 11th. Bottleneck will have an online preview Thursday (8-9pm EST), the show opens in Brooklyn on Friday, and if it's still around it'll be available online Saturday at noon (EST).


  1. My Beatles underwear is NOT from 1963. They are from 1966! You are right about them not being mint, though. Goo goo g'joob!!