Monday, September 23, 2013

Widespread Panic Cincinnati Poster

6 color screen print
edition of 220
I was once again asked to contribute a poster for a Widespread Panic show. Oddly enough, despite designing posters for about 5 years, this was my first one for a local show. It depicts a carny putting out the "badass" vibe while sipping on a tall boy. There's a few easter eggs in there such as the flying pigs (a Cincy icon), a dude sporting a Reds shirt, and a few Panic song references in the carny's tats. The overall design loosely references "Sharon,", a song Panic covers that mentions a carnival worker attracting people to a seductive performance inside a tent.

This poster is a limited edition of 220, though I have a small number of Artist Proofs available here.
There's also a VERY limited number of green variants available here. And I also have the original 24x18" ink drawing available for $250 here.  All posters have sold out.

And some detail pics...

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