Tuesday, December 10, 2013

It's a Petey Party!!

Since moving to the greater Cincinnati area 6 years ago I have mixed emotions about the Cincinnati Reds...mainly because they seem to dominate my team every time they come to town! That said I'm a HUUUGE baseball fan and I cherish the history of the game like nothing else. I watch the Ken Burns 12 disc documentary at least twice a year. Regardless of team loyalty I think any fan would admit that Pete Rose (the player) embodied everything that is so great about the game. I wish every player on my team had 1/10th of his effort, determination and intestinal fortitude. He was minimally talented and became one of the all time greatest. Hell I could even care less that he bet on baseball and it's a travesty that he's STILL not in the Hall. 

Anyway, being influenced by my region I figured Pete was the perfect subject of a few creations. The first is a mixed media statue that's 17" tall and is available here.
The second is also mixed media but is just the head and is overall 9". It's available here.

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