Monday, June 23, 2014

Widespread Panic Cleveland posters available!

I just released my artist edition of last Thursday's official Widespread Panic poster from Cleveland. It's a 24x18", 5 color screen print with a metallic gold. Prints are $40 and available here. I'll have some variants as well as the original drawing available at a later date.

If interested, see the previous post to learn more about this design.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Widespread Panic Cleveland Poster

5 color screen print (with metallic gold)
Edition of 225
I do not generally care to explain what's going on in my work for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, I want the viewer to consider my art and interpret it in his or her own way. I feel it sometimes ruins it when an artist puts the "meaning" of something out there as having one's own perspective and interpretation is an integal part of experiencing art. Also, if I'm being honest, I don't always know why I'm doing something. Sometimes it comes to me in the middle of creating it...sometimes it comes to me after the fact...sometimes it never occurs to me. I frankly don't think it's imperative. All that said, with this particular design I had a specific story in my head and I thought I'd share (not a meaning but) what I was thinking.

Before I get into specifics, I would like to provide some personal perspective. As an avid concert goer for many years, I believe the live concert experience can be very powerful. Oftentimes something magical can occur between a band and the audience that's on a whole other level beyond simply enjoying a familiar song. It's difficult to put into words but I suppose it's fair to say it's spiritual....sounds eminating from speakers and amplifiers can force a connection that allows one to turn off the rest of the world and live in the glory of a musical moment. As much as I enjoy several bands, very few bands can connect with their audience on this deeply spiritual level. Panic is, without question, one of these bands. Their shows are unique in content, improvisation and frankly musical vocabulary.

This design depicts the story of a giant, multi-armed, rose-headed goddess that has just appeared before the city of Cleveland. Naturally her arrival and imposing stature has frightened some of the people, though she most certainly comes in peace. She sits above the city, emitting glorious beauty while in a meditative state. The goddess (to me) represents the band. They're in town briefly, projecting beauty and creating some good natured havoc to those that don't understand.

We are all observing this particular event through the unique perspective of the pigeon in the foreground. He's arriving into town, observing this very rare occurrence amidst several other large pigeons scattered throughout the city. The pigeons, in this case, represent the fans. They are all uniquely capable of comprehending the spiritual connection between them and this magnificent goddess. The rest of the world means nothing in this's strictly the relationship between the pigeons and the goddess that matters. 

Also since I can rarely produce something that doesnt have a least a slight attempt at being humorous, I decided to take inspiration from the song "Pigeons"and cover the town in pigeon droppings. If you look closely, there's a window cleaner performing his meaningless task below a pigeon on the roof. Also this idea originated from a personal experience. I've been to Cleveland once and my biggest memory from that visit was the number of pigeons downtown. I'm not sure why they were so overwhelming, but I was young and it was very Hitchcock/Birdsy! It's my understanding that this is not normally the case, it just happened to be the time I was there. Regardless, pigeon domination is one of the first things I think of when I think of Cleveland!

Again, take into account that this is only what I was thinking while making this. If you get something else out of it entirely, keep that and don't let me take it away from you....unless what you get out of it is really that case, it's what I said!

Anyway, I'll have an artist edition of this poster available next week (likely Monday). I'll also have a few variants as well as the OG available at a later stay tuned!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Wakarusa Poster

I had the honor of designing one of the official posters for the Wakarusa Music Festival, which took place this past weekend. The poster is a 6 color, 18x24" screen print that's an edition of 300. I have a much smaller artist edition (as well as a brown variant) that are both available here.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Couch Tour remaining prints now available

If you missed out on the Couch Tour pre-order, there are now a limited number of prints available in the store.

Once these are gone that's it! If you pre-oredered a print, it was shipped yesterday or today...regardless it's on its way.