Monday, July 13, 2015

311 Cincinnati Poster

I recently had the pleasure of designing the gig poster for 311's show here in Cincinnati. These guys have a rich history of amazing poster art and it was a privilege becoming a part of that world.

The story behind the design...

One of Cincinnati's nicknames is Porkopolis...being as it was the country's primary center for hog packing in the 1800s. The pig is an icon around here and is referenced regularly. Cincy was also prominent during Prohibition with speakeasies, mob owned liquor establishments and was the home of infamous bootlegger George Remus. This led me to a pig faced bartender serving drinks in an early 20th century bar. In addition to a few other things, there are references to the MLB All-Star game (which began festivities on the day of the show). I basically wanted to do a print that simply said "Cincinnati" in my own way.

This print, along with 3 different foil variants, is now available for purchase here.

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