Monday, July 25, 2016

Flight of the Conchords NYC Poster

I had the distinct honor of designing the official Flight of the Conchords gig poster for their show last night in New York City. Twas a real treat religiously watching both seasons and listening to the albums while working on it. These guys are geniuses. My edition of prints will be on sale this Friday at 2pm EDT here.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

311 Chicago

I had the honor of designing the 311 poster for their show this past Friday in Chicago. Inspired by the Chicago River and the tune "Sand Dollars", it's an 18x24", 6 color screen print with a glitter overlay...printed by the magnificent peeps at VG Kids. My edition (plus lava foils, rainbow foils, sparkle foils, and prints on wood veneer) are now officially available here.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Bar Swine foil prints

Allow me to introduce the second installment of the AfFOILdables poster series, which focuses on affordable foil prints. Entitled "Bar Swine", it's a limited edition, 5 color, 24x18" screen print on rainbow and sparkle foil paper.

This design was used for a previous gig poster and since it was so well received, I decided to update it a little and tailor it specifically for holographic foil qualities. I did discreetly pay tribute to the original poster/band with the dice. Anyway, these were printed by the loverly folks at VGKids and they look fantastic if I do say so myself! Available here.