Monday, August 29, 2016

The Dude of the Year: AfFOILdables screen print

The next release in my AfFOILdables poster series (which focuses on modestly priced screen prints on foil paper) is The Big Lebowski inspired print entitled "The Dude of the Year". I've always loved that brief moment when the Dude sees himself in the Time Magazine mirror just before meeting Jeffrey Lebowski. It seemed like a perfect opportunity to once again design something that specifically considers the holographic properties of foil paper. This print is an 11x14", 5 color, limited edition screen print on rainbow foil paper...available for only $30! There's also a very small number of lava foil variants. Both available here.

Monday, August 1, 2016

The Avett Brothers Red Rocks

I've just released my prints from The Avett Brothers' three night run at Red Rocks, which took place this past weekend. They're limited edition 5 color screen prints that are available as both a 3 piece 12x24" set and as 1 uncut 24x36" print. There are regular editions, foils and wood veneers...all available here.

And here's a little about the design...

I was very interested in exploring the fascinating and very different songs and sounds of their new album True Sadness. I found it to be a remarkable collection that in many ways is more complex and experimental than previous albums, yet is still grounded by the very core organic sound that is pure Avett. I wanted to simplistically depict the three original members representing that core organic sound. I chose to portray them in a stretched out distorted manner that suggests just how different this album is. Basically it's the intended juxtaposition of simplistic and unique, combined with the beauty of the live experience as well as this distinguished venue.