Friday, April 22, 2016

Dopapod Diptych

May I present to ye my Dopapod diptych for their shows tonight and tomorrow night in Philadelphia. I collectively call them the "cosmic conductor". Each poster forms one body of art that, not to get too philosophical, deals with my belief that music (and the arts in general) is likely this planet's greatest contribution to the universe. There's a central theme to discovering the "key" to this knowledge while other cultures and planets observe. Plus it subtly deals with the dualities of heaven & hell, right & wrong, etc. Also, Dopapod's music is very exploratory and visual to me so there are some lyrical inspiration as well.

I'll have my copies (cut and uncut) plus 2 types of foils (cut and uncut) available on Monday at 2pm EDT here.

Friday, April 8, 2016

Avett Brothers New York Prints

Allow me to present my Avett Brothers print for their show tonight at Madison Square Garden in New York City. This one is quite unique in that (instead of the usual screen print) it's a very high quality giclee print. Printed with archival inks on museum cotton rag paper, photos simply cannot do it justice! It's 18x24" and designed to resemble a vintage early 80's basketball poster.

When hired for this gig, being my very first Madison Square Garden poster, my brain immediately went to basketball. MSG, often referred to as the Mecca of Basketball, has had so many monumental moments that it only seemed fitting. I'm admittedly a huge Knicks fan and it's a subtle tribute to the days where I wasn't quasi-ashamed to admit it. I was more importantly thinking, though, about the old promo college basketball posters you'd see hanging in bedrooms, basements, garages, etc. Growing up in Kentucky, UK and UofL posters like that were (and still are) everywhere. The poses were ridiculously cheesy and so 80's. I thought it would be great to see the band in such an environment. They're not messing around as these are some serious game faces...with feathered hair....and mullets...and glasses straps...and striped knee high socks!

I'd also like to give a ton of credit, respect, and sincere thanks to the band and their management. One of the benefits of giclee over the usual screen print is the ability to print an endless amount of colors as well as more photorealistic gradients. These elements were necessary to pull of the look of an authentic 80's poster. The downside of giclees of this quality is the cost of production is considerably higher than the typical screen print. A lot of bands would never entertain the possibility of going this route as the profit margin is minimal. These guys put the art first and that's simply rare in this business. It's basically what every artist hopes for from a client, but it's certainly understandable why it's so rare. Even with them raising the price on these prints, the profit barely covers the overhead. Again, I like to give a huge thanks to these guys and make sure everyone is aware of their dedication to their fans!

I'll have my own copies to sell, as well as a few interesting variants, available on Monday at 2pm EDT here.