Monday, February 6, 2017

The Soprano Family screen print

Allow me to introduce my latest print honoring one of the greatest tv shows of all time. The Soprano Family is a 5 color, 12x24", limited edition screen print that's available here.

I don't have an absolute favorite but any conversation regarding the greatest tv show of all time must include The Soprano's. It was a brilliant show that changed the game and was, in my opinion, the genesis of modern television. The writing, the acting, the casting, the filming, and overall production was consistent with (and arguably beyond) feature films for the first time in the medium's history. Aside from all that, there's just something that's simply marvelous about loving a bad guy. Man I miss this show!

I have a small number of regular edition prints plus a very limited number of lava and sparkle foils...all printed by VG Kids and available now.